Thursday, September 19, 2013

Give Me Five: Movies That Are Better Than Their Books!

Yes, you heard me right! Now I know I always say "Don't Judge A Book By It's Movie!" and that "The Book Is Always Better Than The Movie!" and usually that is the case. But once in awhile you come across the exception to the rule!

That's right, I have found 5 Movies that I actually liked better than the Book! Now it took me awhile to come up with some of these, but some I knew right away! So here's my SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the Movie or read the Book & intend to, I need to warn you that I may have to tell what happens in explaining why the Movie was better than the Book. So here they are . . . 

1. The Time Traveler's Wife

I saw the Movie first & walked out of the theater saying, "That was so Imaginative!" I wondered how someone came up with such a concept, it was so good & so different. So I had my Book Club (of Church women) read the Book & it was so overtly sexual that it took away from the story & the concept itself. Definitely stick to the Movie for this one!

2. The Notebook

Now these are both really good, let me just get that straight. It's just that the Movie is so Visually Stunning. It is Beautiful. And one of the best parts is the Shoes that Rachel McAdams wears in the film. If you've never noticed them before, watch it again just to see her shoes. You won't be disappointed! :) 

3. Breakfast At Tiffany's

Again, not a bad Book by Truman Capote, but I've got Two Words for you: Audrey Hepburn! Just like she Adores Tiffany's, I adore her! :) And the Book doesn't have so much of a Happy Ending as the Movie does, Cat finds a home with a new family & Holly gets on that plane & the writer never sees her again. There's no kissing in the rain to "Moon River" playing in the background, that makes the Movie, don't you think? 

4. Soul Surfer

Love this Movie! Love Bethany Hamilton! I took my Girls to hear her speak at a Church before, she is so Inspirational. And It's not that I don't love the Book, but please keep in mind this was written as a childrens/preteens Book by a 13ish year old girl. My Daughters have done a Book Report on her before. Great story.

And the Worst Offender: 

5. My Sisters Keeper

As you know I lost my only sister to cancer. So this movie really tugs at my heart. After seeing it for the first time, I decided to read the Book. The Movie is sad enough, but it ends how you think it will & should. The Books ending is Totally Different! As I was reading it, I literally said "What?!" out loud! I couldn't believe the twist Jodi Picoult threw in there. You'd think after reading her books before, I'd come to expect it! I just can't bring myself to tell you how the Book ends! Read it if you dare.

So there you have it, my picks of 5 Movies that I actually liked better then their Books! Though generally speaking, the Books are usually much better. So Keep reading! :) What are some of your good/bad comparisons of Movies & Books? I'd love to hear them!

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