Friday, November 14, 2008

Senior Year - Part 3

Well, this week we had to order Kyle's Cap & Gown, and his Graduation announcements. Ouch! I guess it's official now. (Besides the actual Graduating part, that is! Some years we may have worried about that, but, this year he has all really good grades!)

How did this happen?! And, more importantly, how can I stop it?! I've really loved all the stages of life with my kids, and now, watching Kyle grow into the man God created him to be, but somewhere deep down inside I want to go back to this graduation . . . and stop time.


stefanie said...

He looked ready to take on the world even then.

Eek, caps, gowns, announcements...

Glad I have you to plow the path in front of me so I know what to expect in a couple of years.

Not ready. Yet.

Sera said...

Aw, what a sweet sentimental picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog, SITSA! :) Have a great day.

Pam said...

Ok - we were at that exact ceremony at Divine Grace with Hayley!!! I cannot believe all of the years that have passed so quickly ... it has been interesting this year as I lament each last step! Right there with ya Star!