Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow Is An Important Day!

VOTE! Tomorrow is the day. Finally. (I can't wait for all the adds to end.) I vote early because I work an Exit Poll. (It's money for my day after Thanksgiving shopping fund! Woo Hoo!) Though if I didn't have to, I wouldn't vote early, because I really enjoy being out there with the people, I think voting is fun. Kyle will be voting for the first time in his life, and he's really excited about it. And I am too. We should all do our part.

You've been given a Voice, use it.


Trish said...

Hi! Found you through SITS and came to stop by. I'm a big political junkie and clicked on you because you reminded everyone to vote. Way to go!!! I'm with you all the way! That's what our society is all about, isn't it? The peaceful transfer of power, which eludes so many countries around the world! Anyhow, nice to meet you!

Tiffany said...

I found you through SITS too. I'll be voting tomorrow and watching all the results roll in with my 4 kids!

Nancy said...

Congratulations to Kyle on his first election day! If you are working the polls, I hope you are treated gently this evening. You may need a spa treatment tomorrow.