Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday was the day. My girls (age 11, in 5th Grade) saw the "Changing" Video on Puberty at school. EEK! I went to view it the day before, at the parental screening. Now I must note, in our school there are Five 5th grade classes, all of them I believe have around 30 students in them, if not more. Almost all of these students would see this video. Every parent had to sign a permission slip. I was one of 3 parents who came to see the video! That's pretty sad to me.

I must say this video was much better than the one I saw when I was in 6th grade! Mine was cartoon eggs dancing down the fallopian tubes. I remember talking with my sister, who was 13 years older than I and married, and like a second mom to me. And she asked me "did they tell you you would bleed when you menstruate?" I was shocked! "No, what are you talking about?!" Oh the Horror! (I still feel that way sometimes!) And in my defense, my Mom was of the generation that you just didn't talk about "private matters", though she does now, I think we've forced it on her! (and I lived with only brothers, and they weren't about to tell me anything, even if they knew! Though I think they talk now more that they have daughters. Vengeance is mine! haha) So, my sister explained it in a way I could understand.

Well, I've made sure my girls know more than I did! We talk about "private things" often. And they can ask me anything and I will answer. Any way, back to their video; it had real people in it, and was done more like an after school special! (Do they still make those? I always loved the after school specials! I guess with the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon now, they just put the issues in their regularly scheduled programing. I miss after school specials! We should bring them back. But I digress.) After they watched the video they had a question and answer time. They told me what all was asked and how their teacher answered the questions. The teacher also sent out E-mails to the parents. It was all handled very well.

Now, If I could keep my girls little for ever I would. I loved the sweet innocence. But I've also loved EVERY stage they've been through. Watching them grow and learn, and yes, even "change!" But, I've got to say, I'm excited for the future and what's in store for them. Even though it scares the crap out of me! In the timely words of Aladdin; "It's a Whole New World!"


Anonymous said...

Star, We homeschool, so there's no "movie" here. I have to tell you though, how the Lord prepared me for the "talk" on the exact day I needed it. I awoke one Sat. morning and thought "I need to call my friend in TX and ask what she told her girls" (mine was 10 at the time.) She emailed me a lengthy article to read and not ten minutes after I finished reading it, my daughter came and started asking me questions about how the "egg is started." God is so good. All the time. But it is still scary for us moms sometimes.

Good for you for going to the school to see the movie.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Ugh! Ok now I feel mortified just recalling the days that I first heard about having a period...I thought I'd die just finding out about it! Don't even think about what happened when...gasp...I got it...oh...the shudders...the shudders...ok I'm leaving your blog now... hahahahahahahha! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that I watched the same film you did. I remember those cartoon eggs and still not knowing much of anything when the film was over!

My girls have mostly been homeschooled so no film for them. We just talk. And talk. And talk. About everything. I was determined that I would be more open with them than my mom was with me and I have been.