Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

At the last meeting of Life On The Same Page Book Club we discussed the book The Five People You Meet In Heaven. A very small but powerful book. Here are just some of the great quotes we looked at from the book that brought up a lot of great responses:

"All endings are also beginnings, we just don't know it at the time."

"Had he known his death was imminent,
he might have gone somewhere else.
Instead he did what we all do.
He went about his dull routine
as if all the days in the world were still to come.

Would you want to know this was your last day on earth? And if you did know it, what would you do differently?

"There are no random acts. We are all connected.
You can no more separate one life from another

than you can separate a breeze from the wind."

"All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped.
Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers.

Some parents smudge, others crack,

a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair"

Love this! What kind of fingerprints are we leaving on our children? Think about it.

"Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside.
We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us.

But hatred is a curved blade.
And the harm we do, we do to ourselves."

"Love, like rain can nourish from above,
drenching couples with a soaking Joy.
But sometimes, under the angry heat of life,
love dries on the surface and must nourish from below,

tending to it's roots, keeping itself alive."

"Lost love is still love, it takes a different form, that's all.
You can't see their smile or bring them food or tousle their hair

or move them around a dance floor.

But when those senses weaken, another heightens.

Memory becomes your partner.

You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it.

Life has to end, love doesn't."

If you've ever lost someone you love, you know this to be true.

"You have Peace when you make it with yourself."

"Strangers, are just family you have yet to come to know."

"Each affects the other and the other affects the next,
and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one."

Told you this was a powerful book. If you haven't read it, I recommend that you do. Many of our book club members had to miss this months meeting due to circumstances beyond our control. So, even though this was our smallest meeting ever, it was a great one. Having only 6 of us there allowed us to really share openly & a little more intimately. I loved it & I think everyone there did too. And we learned a few fun (if not shocking) facts about some of our book club ladies! Don't worry girls, your secrets are safe with me! :)

For our next months meeting, (the details of which will be announced latter) We will do things a little differently. In two parts. Some of us have read, or are reading The Time Travelers Wife, some are not. See my post about it here. So those of us reading that one will meet to discuss it either earlier, before the others arrive, or on a different night. Let me know your preference on that, both on the same Monday, or on two different Mondays? Then the rest will join us to discuss the next book we're reading The Last Song. I saw the movie, twice! Loved it! And I Love Nicholas Sparks' books!

Then the book for the following month (June's meeting) is Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah. I've heard great things about this book. It's about a friendship between two women which begins in Jr. High School & spans through many decades. It looks like, together, we will read through the 70's & 80's, up through present day. Should be fun! Though I'm told it will bring tears as well! Sounds like my kind of book.

I love the excitement that opening a new book brings. . . you never know what lies ahead for you. That's why you need to be living Life On The Same Page with others who love books as much as you do! When you have someone to discus them with it adds another dimension to your reading!

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