Friday, October 8, 2010

Job Hunting!

I closed my store down over a month ago now. And since then (well actually since even before then) I've been job hunting! It starts off exciting. The new possibilities! The adventure! Not knowing what the next chapter in your book is going to be, or where it will take you. But, slowly reality sets in. Lesson 1: Employers aren't in as big a hurry as you are. Lesson 2: I am probably one of the oldest applicants they are looking at. Lesson 3: With so many people out of work in this economy, they can be picky & take their time in finding the perfect person. Lesson 4: They don't (and won't) call back every applicant to keep them posted on how their search is going. All of these things benefited me back when I was doing the hiring! But now that I'm looking to be hired, not so much! I want feed back. I want to know where I stand, so I can work on improving my standing. I want to be hired!

The process is a long & tedious one. One thing working in my favor is that I LOVE INTERVIEWS! I know it sounds strange, because most people hate them & get so nervous just thinking about them. But, I figure what better subject to talk about than myself right?! :) After all I am a Blogger, so believe me, I can talk about myself, and like to do so! I've also been the interviewer! I think that may give me an upper hand as well. I've even had someone ask me, while they were interviewing me, since I did all the hiring for Shade, how they were doing as an interviewer. It's kind of like those times as a parent, when you have to have a talk with your kids, or maybe you're having to discipline them & you can remember what it was like when you were their age, and how they might be thinking or feeling right now!

At the time I'm writing this, I have close to 30 Resumes out there! I loved my job in the fashion industry & in retail, so I've applied at every Clothing Store, Bookstore, Department Store, etc. And have Interviewed with several company's including Charming Charlies (twice), New York & Company, Charlotte Russe (twice), Bath & Body Works (twice), I've also had Mini Interviews when turning in my Resume at several places. And I have an interview with Macy's next week. All the company's I've interviewed twice with, the first was usually with a manager, who liked me enough to then give my name to the district manager, who then interviews me. I've had several tell me they like me the most out of all their interviews, but what's so frustrating, is the time frame. I'm ready to start work like yesterday, and they are taking their sweet little time. And I sit here waiting for the phone to ring! And wait! And wait!

Another frustration for me is the whole on line aspect. Now understand, I Blog, I'm on Facebook & Twitter & love it all, but when I have to apply on line only, I hate that they can't see me, to see how Awesome I really am! ;) I can (and hopefully do) sound good (enough) on paper, but I think there's nothing like that face to face connection. Like with Macy's, that was on line only. They haven't seen me IRL (In Real Life) until my interview next week. So, I guess it can work, I'm just more comfortable in person I guess. With each interview, I get my hopes up & think this is the one, the job I really want. Then that changes with the next interview. Call me fickle I guess!

I just know I'm ready for this process to be over! I want to find my Dream Job! And I want to find it soon! Is that asking too much?! Please keep praying that it comes my way quickly! And Pray for my husband as well, who, as you know, is also job hunting now! :( I've declared October to be our month! So be it! Thank you so much for all the prayers & encouragement my dear readers & friends.


Barbara Hewett said...

Star, I think you would be good in a clothing store, but I think you would be GREAT as a columnist for the newspaper. I think you are much more interesting that some of the columnists I read every day, and you could work from home!!

John said...

I agree Barb, my wife is an amazing writer!

Anonymous said...

The interview process is one of the make-or-break aspects of job hunting, since this will show what separates you from the hundreds of applicants that fights for the same position you're gunning for. When my best friend went for his interview at the technical recruiting agency, he was totally confident on his every move, and it was more than enough to land the position he is targeting (which he landed).

Finding a job no matter what level is a very tough ordeal due to the economy today, but with a stroke of luck and proper skill set, you can successfully grab them, just like the various semiconductors careers posted around.

Unknown said...

With your positive attitude, I don’t think it would be hard for you to find your dream job. The long process can be quite frustrating; but don’t let it eat you. Instead, take it as a challenge that you have to surpass. All the best!

Arnold Parsons @ Epiphany Staffing Group