Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Breaking Dawn Adventure!

The latest addition of the Twilight Saga films has just been released!
Breaking Dawn!
I took two Vacation Day's from work just for the Premier!

We started out the week by rewatching all the three previous Movies!
Erica & I have read all the Books,
Lexi is reading them now.

I headed up to our local theater at around 3 in the afternoon to get in line.
(the Movie Premiered at Midnight!)
I of course was armed with a good Book! :)
Some people got there as early as 6 AM!

You see all kinds of people in line:
People with Babies, yes, waiting all day in line & seeing a Midnight Movie! :0
There was a group of women (with NO teenagers, or kids!)
all wearing matching shirts that said "Member of the Cullen Wedding Party"
all doing each others hair & make-up!
They were quite entertaining!

My daughters joined me about an hour latter,
after they got out of school!
They too were armed with Books, Games & even some homework!
I may be a "Cool Mom" doing the Twilight thing,
but they still do have to do their homework!

We had friends join us through out the afternoon & evening.
Bringing us dinner & snacks!
The line now wrapped all the way around the mall!

My girls went to walk the line, to see how long it had gotten,
and asked what should they do if they see someone we know?
So, I took the opportunity to teach my girls the art of "Small Talk!"

Later, a friend of theirs joined us in line & wanted to see how long it had gotten.
And as they were going to see Erica turned around & said
"Don't worry Mom, if we see anyone we know we'll do that small talk thingy!" :)

We played a few rounds of Twilight Trivia
along with some other games.
And laughed a lot.

We were let into the Theaters at about 9:45 PM.
We had a plan, and sent some in the group right to the Theater to get seats,
and others of us headed to concessions.

I had gotten us so close to the front of the line we got great seats
(at the rail!) :)
And were first in line at the concession stand!

My son Kyle, who goes to a lot of Midnight Movie Premiers,
brought the girls up to me when they got out of school.
He had class that night,
then met a group of friends from his College Church Group
at Tempe Market Place to see it
wearing this . . .

That's right, he's a trader!
My girls & I are of course Team Jacob!
Many of our Friends we saw it with are Team Edward,
but we let them stay anyway! :)

The above picture is Kyle & his group at the Premier.
(Yes, Jena, I stole this off your Twitter account!) :)
It really was quite an event!
And a really good, very intense Movie!
It was so much fun!
Though I was VERY tired! (I'm too old for these Midnight Premiers!)
And now we have to wait an entire year to see part II! :(

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spicyswtandsour said...

It Was an Awesome night! I was blessed to be able to spend it with you and the girls!!