Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remembering Grandpa

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of my Dad going to Heaven. He was the best Dad/Grandpa that any one could have. I'm so blessed to be his daughter. He was always singing & dancing around. He loved his family, especially his grandkids more than anything, and always took them for walks, or to the store to buy them something. Gifts was his love language. People always said about him that he would give you the shirt off his own back. He was always giving.

My kids were all very close to him, and still talk about him and how much they miss him. And laugh about his driving, or funny things he did. Any time the song 'Dance with my Father' by Luthor Vandross comes on the radio the kids all yell "turn it up, turn it up!" and then it gets really quiet in the car as we all sing along & think about him. Any one who knew him, loved him. We can't wait to be together again in heaven some day!

Giving me Away

Kyle with his favorite person on earth

Zach and Grandpa

Erica & Lexi going for a swim with Papa


stefanie said...

Oh wow. Those pictures are tear jerkers. What a wonderful dad you had, and still have.

Anonymous said...

He was a great dad and grandpa! "Eat your soup!" as my kid's remember him saying! Cindy