Saturday, November 28, 2009

I survived my first Black Friday managing a clothing store!

Every year I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving. It's the one day a year I get up early (before the sun even!) which is a big deal for a night owl such as myself. It kicks off the Christmas season! I look through all the store adds on Thanksgiving and plot my route. Chose which store I will go to first. I make a list of all the items I want to get at each store, and what they are offering in return. This year I scored a free $10.00 Target Gift Card. A $10.00 off coupon from Kohl's, plus $10.00 in Kohl's cash. And a free Christmas C.D. from Starbucks!

But, this year there was a glitch in my plans. An obstacle to get around. I'm now managing a clothing store in a mall. A mall that opened at 6am that morning. What to do?! Well, I asked the girls working for me if anyone wanted to work that early morning. I would rather they volunteer, instead of me just deciding who it would be. And of course if no one else really wanted to do it, it would be me. (but, I was secretly hoping I would be able to keep the tradition alive and to still go shopping!) I had two girls volunteer. I was happy!

(The morning crew, Left to Right: Brittany, Taylor, Me, and Olivia)

With my girls Olivia & Brittany, opening the store for me, I got up at 5am, and ventured out amongst the crowds of Christmas shoppers & Bargain hunters. I got some great deals! I can't tell you here on what exactly, because my kids read my Blog. (I think they want to make sure I don't embarrass them too much!) I even took the hubby along this year. (I usually go alone, except for the years we lived in Michigan, I had a friend there I talked into going with me, even though she too is a night owl!) John usually sleeps in, then when he's up, he'll call & come out to meet me at Starbucks around 9 or 10. But this year he got up and went all morning with me. It was nice having a driver, drink getter, and body guard! And most importantly a place in line holder, while I shopped! :)

(The evening crew: Taylor, Me, and Justine)
Then I went into work at noon, and worked till about 8:00 that night. Let me tell you, my feet were killing me! We were busy, and had great deals of our own! After all it's called Black Friday, because it's a day that helps put stores in the Black for the year. (As opposed to being in the red!) People were friendly. It was a fun, but long day! And now I can say: I survived my first Black Friday managing a clothing store!

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Lori ~ LL-K said...

You are crazy!! Black friday shopping and working all day!! Poor girl!! I bet your feet do hurt!! I am happy you survived!! Are you going to do it next year?