Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, It has begun

And by "It" I mean Worry! On the outside I am a very Happy go Lucky kinda girl. But on the inside, not so much! And with John loosing his job, I've had plenty of opportunity to give into it. But, I've tried hard to keep worry at bay . . .

Then, yesterday Erica came home from school. At our school when a student is getting low on lunch money, they stamp their hand as a way of letting their parents know it's time to add some money to that child's lunch account. We'll when they stamped Erica's hand, she told the cafeteria worker that she didn't know if we'd be able to pay it, cause her dad just lost his job. So, the cafeteria worker (I'm trying to be politically correct and not use the term Lunch Lady!) sent her home with a form for us to fill out to see if we qualify for free lunches.

It just broke my heart. My little girl shouldn't have to be thinking about weather or not her parents will be able to afford her school lunches. We did send lunch money in with her today btw. Even though I worry about stuff, I don't want my kids to!

What worry looks like on me is I'm unable to sleep. And then I will end up with a cold sore. I HATE cold sores. I got one last week, took care of it, it went away. And now this week I've gotten another one. Did I mention that I HATE cold sores. Anyway . . . (sorry just got side tracked there for a second)

We also found out yesterday that Zach has to have his Wisdom teeth out. The sooner the better. Or they will mess up all the work his braces did on his teeth. Ouch! Literally and financially! And we're just praying both are cars hold out on us. Neither one is running great. Our mini van we got brand new right after the girls were born is getting close to having 200 Thousand miles on it! We're praying it doesn't finally give out on us. It's been such a great vehicle for us. Kyle said the government should have a program that when a car reaches that many miles, they give you a new one. Great Idea! Talk about a stimulus program.

And of course I worry about Christmas. I love Christmas. I got a Thanksgiving card in the mail this week with a check in it, the card said "have fun doing your day after Thanksgiving shopping!" If you know me, you know that once a year, I get up at the crack of dawn and fight the crowds on Black Friday! It's so much fun & it's exciting. And someone special didn't want me to miss out on that this year. That made my day for sure.

Sorry, this Blog post is so down. Even I can't laugh all the time! Though I try. :) And I do know everything is gonna be okay! God always takes cares us. He is ever faithful! Blogging is Journaling for me, and if I put my thoughts & even my fears down in writing, they are easier to deal with and less scary. It's my therapy I guess. So, I hope that even after this one, you will still come back & continue to read. I'll try to be back to my cherry self! And thanks for allowing me to vent & cry for just a little while.


Lori ~ LL-K said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you and your family has to go through this right now... I wish I had a magic wand to make your heart feel lighter as you go through the tough trial. But I do know that God never leaves us and that through God’s strength you can make it through anything. And you vent all you want!! This is your blog and we are all loyal readers and will continue to come back!! We will continue to pray for you!! If you all need anything you know where to us!!

Michele said...

Me and mine are praying for you and yours.

Love you guys.