Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

If you read my last Blog Post (I apologize again for being such a downer!) It's easy to see that we needed a break from reality. My girls have been counting down the days until the New Moon movie was due to come out. I have read all the Twilight books. They have not, and it's not for lack of trying, or should I say begging, to read them, they really want to. But, I told them they need to be a little bit older. They are 12, and the latter books get a little risque.

But they loved the Twilight movie. And couldn't wait for the second one to hit theaters. They begged & begged for me to take them to the midnight premier. Now I'm a pretty cool mom, (at least in my own eyes!) but, not that cool. If it hadn't been a school night, and/or they were just a little bit older, I would have been persuaded. I did buy tickets ahead of time so we could still go on opening day. We went Friday at 8:15pm. It was released at midnight, and had shown pretty much every hour or so that whole day and we still had a long line to wait in! Which I think added to the experience. It was fun, and you know me "The More the Merrier" is my motto!

We even got pretty good seats. (When you battle motion sickness, like I do at times, it's not so good to sit way down front, if you know what I mean) So, we're sitting there in our seats, munching on our Movie Theater Popcorn (Love it!) and waiting excitedly for the movie to begin, and I hear my girls whisper "on the count of three . . .1 2 3" then they yell out "Go Team Jacob!" And people in the theater whistle & cheer for them! That's my girls!

Now, just to be clear, ever since I've read the books. I knew what "team" I was on. The majority of Twilight fans are all about Edward & the Vampires! Not me. Maybe it's because I am 1/8 Native American. Or maybe it's because, if you've ever met my husband or my sons, you would know that I have an affinity for Hairy Men! :) Whatever the reason, I've, from the beginning have sided with Jacob & the Werewolves. And New Moon just shows everyone else why.

The girls & I really had a great time. It was a fun Mother/Daughter Bonding experience. Just what we needed. Maybe when the next one comes out, we'll go at midnight. No promises Erica & Lexi!!


C. JoyBell C. said...

omggggggg!!!!!!!!!! Me toooooo!!!!! And I'm also 1/8 American Indian!!!!! How cool is THAT!!!!????!!!!

I came home last night from watching New Moon, and I just wanted to SLAP that girl's face! Left and right and left and right and left and right! OMG! I could feel my blood pressure rising!!!! Not to mention all the hair conditioner and facial exfoliants and moisturizers I would shove into her sad, depressed self!!!!

Gorgeous werewolf kept on tearing off his shirt in front of her, and she couldn't even KISS him??? And who wants a pale, melancholic dead person when you can have this hot-blooded, masculine werewolf??!!!

I can just feel my hands on her face right now...slap...slap...slap!!!!

Michelle said...

I just emailed you...but I've been to your blog before!

I guess i'm NOT the only mom in the world who thinks these books are a little too much for a 12 year old.

I mean, he sneaks in her window every night...she lies to her dad about what she's, they dont have sex, but not because Bella doesnt try.

The movie was a lot more mellow.

and i LOVE jacob.