Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Erica, Mom & Lexi ready for work!

This Past Thursday was Take Your Daughter To Work Day. I was working close that night, John was out of town, so I had Kyle bring the girls up to the Mall after they got home from school, & did any homework they had. They were very excited to be going to work! First we went & had dinner together at Paradise Bakery in the mall, then it was on to work . . .

First they auditioned to be mannequins! But as you can see I would have had to be like the Red Queen in Alice & Wonderland, and say: "Off With Their Heads!"

I showed them how to fold our tops the right way! We use a folding board, to make sure they are just right! And that everyone in the pile is identical.

They did restocking. I had them check to see what sizes & colors we needed out on the floor, and where to find them in the back room, and put them out on the floor. They helped customers too, & learned how to ring someone up on the register.

They did some cleaning around the store as well. I could really get used to this free labor! :) But, don't worry, it wasn't all hard work though. They got to try on any clothes they wanted to! (After all that's what I do at work all the time!) And they went to check out a new store in the mall that had just opened!

At closing time I showed them how to close out the registers & count the money in the tills. And then to celebrate the end of our shift we got Dairy Queen! Job well done Girls!

The next day I found sitting on my desk at work this note from Lexi:

Mom, You Rock. Thank you for bringing us to bring your daughter to work day. I had a wonderful time helping and cleaning. If you ever need me to come help out any other time I will. I love you Mom soooo much. Sincerely Lexi.

Though they did ask me if they were getting paid for working! And Erica said that someday when I die, she wants to take over as the Manager at Shade! :) (She always was the bossy one! I wonder where she gets that from?!)

I was always the cool mom, who stayed at home. (My words not theirs! I'm sure I think I'm way cooler than they do! Duh!) But it's fun to now be the cool mom with the cool job!


Holly Lefevre said...

Sounds like a fun and eye opening experience. What a great way to spend some time with your daughters.

Thanks for stopping by on SITS Day (last week)!

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The Fickle Nickle said...

Your daughters are beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today:) I'm now a Follower of your blog... can't wait to read more:) xo