Saturday, December 4, 2010

The 12 Days Of Christmas Movies: The Family Man

It's day 2 of The 12 Days Of Christmas Movies! And this one is getting personal! We did a classic film first and this one is more modern. The Family Man. This film is the flip side of It's A Wonderful Life, in which the main character gets to see what the world would be like if he were never born. In this one, the main character gets the chance to see what his life would be like if he had taken a different path in life. If he had chosen Love over Career! It is so good.

It stars Nicolas Cage. It's a very touching movie in which you can almost see the paradigm shift as his way of thinking & looking at life changes. It's a glimpse into what could have been. He goes from being a single guy living in Manhattan, working on Wall Street, to a Husband & Father, living in Jersey, working for his Father-In-Law, selling tires. Ouch!

It's really a funny movie! The little girl who plays his daughter is so stinking cute. And you know I know stinking cute little girls! :) Please, go to Blockbuster or the Red Box tonight if you have never seen this movie! I promise you, you will love it! Would I lie?

"I Choose Us!"

Another reason The Family Man is one of my most favorite Holiday movies is that the year it came out, 2000, was the year my sister Debbie was battling cancer. I lived out of state then & came home to spend what would be her last Christmas with her. This was the last movie we saw together in the theater. We both loved it!

Our last Christmas together.
Sharing sister pictures.

I wanted you to see a picture of us
when Debbie was young & healthy!

I still think of her every time I watch it! And her husband Tom's Birthday is today, December 4th. He went to be with her in Heaven this year. And watching this movie every year brings me a little bit closer to them. (I warned you that this one was personal!)

Tom & Debbie with Santa

The Family Man truly is a Holiday family movie classic for me and my family, and I hope it becomes one for you and yours as well.

"Don't screw up the best thing in your life
just because you're a little unsure about who you are."


C. JoyBell C. said...

That's a very catchy tagline
"what if you made different choices, you said yes instead of no...." very catchy, very powerful..

Wow...sounds like a Christmas movie that's gonna make ya cry!

Thanks for being so open and sharing with all of us, your innermost feelings about your sister and her husband, Star!

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas this year, and that they will be in your midst through all your holiday celebrations! :)


p.s. I'm very thankful for our friendship ♥

Star Forbis said...

Thanks so much Charity. And a very Merry Christmas to you too. It's really a funny movie, not sad, yet very moving!