Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today is Zach's Birthday. He is 18 years old!
Old enough to Vote! Old enough to be drafted. Old enough . . .

He was my fattest baby, and my skinniest kid!
When he was little, my nieces nicknamed him "Gus Gus",
the fat little mouse in Cinderella!
His little T-shirt never met his diaper, with his little belly sticking out!
(He will just love that I'm sharing this!) :)

He was extremely shy, if an adult were to ever speak to him,
he would hide behind my legs.
And now he can stand in front of hundreds of people,
play his guitar, sing, & lead them in Worship.

He is becoming an Amazing Young Man! We are so Proud of him.

Happy Birthday Zach! Now finally: "You are the Man!" (no longer my little boy!)
We Love you.


Martha said...

I can remember when Zach was so shy, he would hide in John's office after church so that he didn't have to talk to anyone. Now, I agree he is an amazing young man with so many talents.

Happy birthday, Zach! We love you.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Zach!

You wrote, "old enough to be drafted" ... isn't it a weird feeling to watch your son register for the Selective Service? Even though there is no active draft now, because of watching so many get drafted,(during my younger years)it gave me an odd sensation when Kevin registered. Zach is contemplating the service, has he made a decision?